Big Data Analytics is taking the data that is being created by everything around us — from within your company and your customers to social media posts and call logs — and extracting insight from the data that is applicable to your business. 


Big Data can help you identify new opportunities, reduce risk and fraud, optimize operations and capitalize on new revenue. Insight Analytics with Big Data takes immense processing power and analytical resources to create solutions from your data. And, get this, ISM Canada is the only company headquartered in Western Canada that can do Big Data / Data mining at this level. For more in-depth information about data analytics, please download our Analytics White Paper.

Within our Analytics team, ISM Canada provides the following offerings:

Analytics Assessment

Think of it as an 89-point inspection on your analytics practices. Pay attention to your analytics practices and organizational processes like you pay attention to your car. Optimize your business insights and minimize the amount of time your practice is “in the shop” for upgrades and repairs. Discover your analytics strengths and perils and obtain key recommendations for success.

Insight Analytics

Using what’s known today to develop effective business solutions for tomorrow. Move from hazarding guesses to sound predictions through reliable interpretation of your existing data. Transform your raw data into meaningful insights and smart business actions. Take advantage of the wealth of data you have at your disposal to make more powerful, well-informed business decisions.

Reporting Analytics

The right decisions come from the right reports. Clarity is king. Whether you have been successfully doing reporting for years, or are starting from scratch, ISM can make reporting effortless and provide high quality results, allowing you to focus on the key information you need for your ongoing business decisions. Whether it’s simple one-time reports, ongoing reporting, or a full enterprise reporting solution, ISM Reporting Analytics has you covered.

Social Media Analytics

Activity on social media is creating more data every day and whispering patterns to business… can you hear them? With ISM, discover what social media data is telling you. Unlock social media data and transform it into useful, relevant business information. Filter out the noise to discover what is behind critical social issues, evolving trends, and opportunities. Confidently make data-driven business decisions.

For more information on Big Data / Data Analytics and how it can be of use to your business, download these quick-read PDFs or contact us.