The purpose of the Centre of Excellence is to focus on the following:

  1. Predictive Analytics: ISM Canada has the data analytics tools your organization needs to predict next steps, prevent costly mistakes, and save money. 
  2. Customer and Project Collaborations: Imagine if you had an illness and all the specialists were in the room together at the same time to talk and compare ideas and solutions. Now imagine we’re talking about your business or organizational challenges. Through technology and our partnerships, we can seamlessly collaborate with great minds to find better solutions. 
  3. High-Impact Business Outcomes: We are the only IT solutions firm headquartered in Western Canada that provides the entire range of managed IT solutions and services, including a powerful, unprecedented, and unparalleled approach to data analytics and analysis driving outcomes for large companies, organizations and governments.
  4. Global Connections, Local Presence: We bring powerful partnerships with IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft to help solve client problems and creation actionable results and business outcomes. 

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